How To Take Care of Neon Pet Fish

Neon pet fish are great fun to watch and a treasure to have in your aquarium. They are an easy pet to maintain and they are fun and fascinating. However, they do need taking care of so that you can enjoy them for a long time. Here are some easy steps to ensure your neon pet fish are well provided for, giving you lots of time to enjoy their beauty and unique coloring.

1) Neon fish are used to a lot of plants. Make sure your aquarium has plants- and fake ones are okay. Be sure that you don’t buy ones that have a lot of sharp edges so they don’t cut your fish.

2) Neon fish love to hide so be sure that your aquarium has some obstacles set up so that your fish have hiding places!

3) Neon fish like shade- don’t leave your aquarium out in the sun!

4) Ask your local pet store what other fish are safe to put in your aquarium with your neon fish. They also like company. You’ll find that it’s okay to put several different types of fish in with your neon pet fish.

5) Keep your tank as close to 70 degrees Fahrenheit as possible, with a variance of 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

6) Neon fish like any fish food you can buy, but they also like live food like worms. You can variate their food if you’d like.

Enjoy your neon pet fish. They are beautiful, fun to watch, and they can provide years of enjoyment to any fish owner. They are also very exciting for small children to watch. Good luck!